Stomp Amp with Improved Tone Stack

Have Just finished designing my new version of the Stomp Amp. I just love it. It has the same 100 watt Class D final as my Red Scare version:

but with an enhanced tone stack much like that of the Polytone Brute amps and a JFET driver stage for the final. The normal/bright selector is quite useful as well depending on the pickup type and location.

Here is a download link for the schematic and PCB in express PCB format(can be converted to gerber using freeware: copper connection)


Final Amp design in 1590BB enclosure:


Populated home brew circuit board:


Schematic: ( click here for larger view):

Demo coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Stomp Amp with Improved Tone Stack

  1. Good design. Really does look like the ‘Baxandall’ Polytone tone stack circuit. I hold a love-hate relationship with this tone circuit — but love it 80% of the time so that’s OK

    • yeah that is the polytone circuit… which they got from an LM358 appnote! It is a mixed bag, my values are different than the stock polytone design and the mid scoop/peak is in a better place. The original polytone values sound muddy to me. I am much happier with my curves on this variant…good catch!

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