Comming Soon! A new thru hole version of my 20 watt battery Powered Amplifier

This new version will eliminate some exotic parts, hopefully have a little more power and improved noise figure (although the original was very good). I will provide the schematic and layout

Thru Hole Version of Improved PT2399 Delay PCB Available Now

Check out earlier posts to learn more about this device and see and hear demos. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with this design! The only surface mount part is the MAX 7401 IC which is a SOIC8 and easy to solder.

Go to the link below to download the express pcb file. You can use this, modify it and have the board produced quickly by at a reasonable cost. Check out there site for more detail if you are not familiar with the service

link to zip file with schematic and layout info:

Here is a picture of the layout to scale:

analog_delay_PCBThe Board Layout can easily be altered add PCB Jacks, or resize, etc. Currently it is sized to fit in a 1590B type stomp box.