Another Demo of the REGEN

In this demo I have built the circuit with a crazy large 4″diameter tank inductor and used a SMV1212 varactor for tuning. There is no external antenna – just the tank coil. The circuit is built on a PCB proto board like the one posted for download only the parts are more tightly packed

check out the video:


5 thoughts on “Another Demo of the REGEN

  1. My hobby is regenerative radio receivers.
    I want to ask you something: what is the difference between your method of coupling RF input amplifier directly to LC and inductively coupled classical method?

    Greetings from Romania,


    • I think I understand your question. What I have done is direct coupled the amp to the tank of the detector. It shares the the tank as a tuned load. The reason is to make the circuit simple, isolate the antenna and provide a little gain. The primary goal is to isolate the antenna for stability. Obtaining gain is not that important. A more traditional amplifier stage would fine – it just would require more parts.

      • Your regen is a source of inspiration for my new project especially regarding regeneration adjustment.
        I bring a new idea regarding the detection AM, namely a gain better than classical methods. Now I am at the prototype stage. Will soon be available the electrical schematic and the PCB.


      • I am glad you like the circuit. Let me know about your circuit when you feel it is ready. I love to get new ideas from other designers. I appreciate feedback about other designer’s results and any improvements they come up with.

      • Please give me your email address to send you the scheme and a few details.
        My address is: naga (at)

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