The PWM Squeazal revisited

I have enjoyed my PW modulated compressor and decided to make a feedback(the original was feed forward) version with improved attack and shorter decay response. The result is excellent – I love this version. I use a Zetex current monitor IC as a full wave rectifier and this lets me really speed up the attack. So the response is super fast, very low noise, very low distortion, and very large dynamic range.


SchematicPWM COMP1_2_4

Link to design files:

4 thoughts on “The PWM Squeazal revisited

  1. Dude, I’m very happy to found this blog, thanks a lot for sharing so awesome articles regarding PWM compressors (I found your blog googling for pwm+guitar+compressors). Unfortunately I can’t find the IC TL5001 here on Brazil, but this article can help me to get some idea to try to create it using a more common IC like the TL494. Thanks again dude, I’m going to share this blog in many groups and forums I’m joined. 🙂

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