PWM Compressor updates

I did some experiments and found the PFET switch has a limitation of about 1.6 volts total swing it can tolerate without clipping (using a 470 ohm load) you can get about 2 volts max with a higher  load of 4.7K or so. This is perfectly fine for most guitar applications.For more headroom you can use a an analog switch such as the TS12A4515. A number of manufacturers make this device. It is a normally closed analog switch. Of course others will work also. Using this as a switch basically makes the supply rails the headroom limit. I am going to play with the circuit some more and come up with a board layout and will post my final design in a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “PWM Compressor updates

    • I have two layouts one is through hole layout and is a feed forward setup. The other is a surface mount layout using an improved full wave peak detector – it is set up as a feedback version(I prefer). The surface mount version I make and sell along with some other pedals.
      Which would you like, I’ll give you a link to get a zip file with the schematic and layout files required.

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