Comming Soon! A new thru hole version of my 20 watt battery Powered Amplifier

This new version will eliminate some exotic parts, hopefully have a little more power and improved noise figure (although the original was very good). I will provide the schematic and layout

5 thoughts on “Comming Soon! A new thru hole version of my 20 watt battery Powered Amplifier

  1. I ordered (4) PT2399 bds.I love dealing with PC EXPRESS. Their mini board option is a great cost effective option.Their free PC bd. layout software makes them a full service provider. Am avidly awaiting PC bd. layout for the thru hole 20 watt amp.Kudos for your generous contributions…..Regards… Joe

  2. Yes I make sure the boards work before I post- so should go together smoothly – let me know if you need any info. My original amp design was all SMT and I just love it (use it in all my demos). The new version should be even better and eliminate some of the more obscure parts. Yes, is a great option for people who don’t want to invest in CAD tools, etc. A great choice for those who take design seriously but don’t have access to profesional tools layout tools or just want to make a few boards. I use it all the time professionally and for hobby stuff

    • Looking forward to the new amp. I have made a 30watt seperate power amp based on the Philips TDA1562Q power IC. It works well but I’m now after a preamp to go with it. I had the intention of doing my own pcb. (I have the fets (SMT) on order from RS Electronics here in Aus. Should arrive in next few days.) If I can just create a pcb for the preamp section of your new layout that would save me a lot of time. The sound clips sound great.

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