Board layout and final schematic for Mosfet Compressor

Here is a link to the expresspcb layout for this compressor. If you are not familiar with expresspcb  look it up. They provide a layout tool and it is very easy to use and you can get boards  manufactured for $60.00 and get them in less than a week. This particular board layout uses PCB mounted jacks that are arranged to exactly fit in 1590B type stomp box. You can easily remove these jack footprints from the layout and shrink the board, modify, etc.

Here is the “final schematic” that matches the layout.  This version is using the LM358.

Note: using 22k for R6, 270pf for c8 and 270pf for c7 will give a faster attack – which might be preferable.

Video Demo of the compressor:

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